Ways to increase intelligence and speed of memorization

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Ways to increase intelligence and speed of memorization

The renaissance is intended for the individual to seek knowledge and science from different areas of life, not excluding history, science, languages, arts, or any section of knowledge, in addition to realizing that life as a whole is not only related to health, money, or happiness. Rather, one should go to learn how this world works from its various aspects, due to the fact that the development of the mind and intelligence is based primarily on learning, and it is possible to benefit from reading at least one book on a weekly basis in achieving this goal.

Ways to increase intelligence

The practice of brain exercises is linked to strengthening and enhancing both memory and fluid intelligence, as it is indicated that this type of intelligence is not linked to memory, but is linked to genetic bases and results in success in academic and professional achievement as educational means, and this type of intelligence shows the ability to think and solve problems, It is worth noting that research has shown the reason for the link between strengthening memory and increasing the level of fluid intelligence based on brain exercises, due to their participation in similar neural networks.

Scientific research conducted on a large scale has proven that individuals’ commitment to a healthy lifestyle based on a proper diet and regular exercise, will effectively contribute to promoting brain health and improving body health in general, and this is linked to an increase in the level of intelligence, and an enhanced ability to The individual has to memorize and remember, so it is necessary to take into account the choice of healthy foods, and to focus on eating items that have proven to have a positive effect on increasing intelligence, such as types of vegetables, such as: broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, berries, omega-3 oils found in fish, and other options. And without forgetting to exercise regularly.

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