Types of real estate in the Emirates

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Types of real estate in the Emirates

First: Residential real estate

There are many residential properties in the UAE, and they are represented in the following types:

Penthouse apartments

Penthouse apartments are considered the best properties preferred by individuals in the UAE, as they provide more luxurious facilities and services compared to traditional apartments.

Penthouse apartments are also found in high-rise buildings, specifically on the upper floors, so that their residents can see the charming nature of the city of Dubai.
The penthouse also has wonderful external walls, consisting of glass panels, which provide an imaginative way for its residents to enjoy.

Penthouse apartments may be located on lower floors, so that they include a large balcony, and enjoy great privacy, due to their distance from other residential apartments.

Duplex apartments

Duplex apartments are considered one of the distinctive residential properties in the Emirates, especially for individuals looking for spacious spaces. Duplex apartments are characterized by being two residential apartments located on top of each other, and movement between them is done via an internal staircase. Thus, each floor is considered a separate apartment with living rooms and bedrooms. And a kitchen, bathroom, etc., which themselves are located on the other floor.

Therefore, individuals can allocate the upper floor for bedrooms, bathrooms, and other private family uses, and the ground floor is for living and guests. This type of apartment can also accommodate large families.

Studio apartments

Studio apartments are considered the smallest types of real estate in the Emirates in terms of area, as they are suitable for employees, students, tourists, and others.

This is due to the fact that studio apartments have reasonable prices, and therefore they can be rented with ease.

Triplex apartments

Triplex apartments are similar to duplex apartments in that they are several connected apartments, except that they are three residential apartments, connected by an internal staircase, and therefore they are larger than duplex apartments with an additional floor. Triplex apartments are also suitable for large families, and their prices are reasonable compared to villas with attached gardens. .

Second: Commercial real estate

The types of commercial real estate in the UAE are as follows:

Commercial malls

Commercial malls are considered among the best commercial properties, because they generate large financial profits for their owners. The UAE also contains many of the best malls, and thus provides the best shopping services for most of them. Commercial malls are distinguished by their high cost and need good marketing campaigns.


Commercial stores are smaller in size than commercial malls, and these stores seek to provide services and sell various products to individuals. There are many options available to buy commercial stores and invest in them in the Emirates, whether supermarkets, electronic device stores, etc.

Third: Industrial real estate and warehouses

There are industrial properties in the UAE, represented by factories that produce huge quantities of specific products, in addition to warehouses, which are huge stores in which raw materials and manufactured products are stored as well. There are also many industrial areas that attract investors in the UAE.

Fourth: Hotel real estate and resorts

The UAE is a tourist destination for most members of societies around the world, due to its distinguished geographical location, and thus there are many hotels and tourist resorts available for investment, which provide distinctive tourism services to tourists in general.

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