How to buy a property in Dubai?

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How to buy a property in Dubai?

Procedures for purchasing a property in Dubai

The procedures for purchasing a property in Dubai are as follows:

First: Choosing the appropriate property location

Choosing the appropriate location for the property is one of the essential matters that contributes to the buyer’s comfort later on. The appropriate location for the property can be chosen by seeking help from real estate offices in the Emirates in general, and in Dubai in particular, to obtain assistance in choosing the appropriate property location.

Second: Choose a good real estate company

Real estate companies in the Emirates generally help in providing various real estate services, by acting as a real estate intermediary between the seller and the buyer, and providing the necessary assistance to prepare the official papers required to successfully complete the property purchase transaction. These companies also offer many distinctive real estate projects in the best areas in the Emirate of Dubai. The real estate company must also have an official license so that it is licensed and approved by government agencies in the emirate.

Third: Find out the details of the property

There are high-level properties, as well as other low-level properties, and therefore it is necessary to look at the details of the property, and choose what is appropriate in all aspects for the buyer, whether in terms of facilities, services, or quality of basic services, and among the important details related to the property are the following:

The buyer’s financial budget. Duration of ownership of the property. Property area.
Property location.
The quality of the property and its services.
Real estate market condition.
Maintenance costs; If it exists.
Real estate residence visas.
Rental revenues.

Fourth: Determine the price of the property

The price of the property is determined and agreed upon between the seller and the buyer based on a set of factors and data related to the property, which help determine the appropriate price for the property, including the following:
The geographical location of the property.
The exterior and interior appearance of the property. The presence of services surrounding the property. Legal papers related to the property.
Preparing comparisons between the property chosen by the buyer and similar properties in the same location. Real estate broker’s opinion.

Fifth: Preparing the required papers

To purchase the property, the buyer, after reviewing all the details related to the property he will buy, submits the papers and documents required to purchase the property in Dubai. The papers and documents required to purchase the property are as follows:
No objection certificate for the developer of freehold areas, which is obtained by using the Dubai Rest application, which is the best real estate application in Dubai. A copy of the Emirates ID for both the seller and the buyer; This is with the aim of proving identity. A copy of a valid passport; This is for non-residents of Dubai.
A legal agency, in the event that someone acts on behalf of the parties to the transaction.

Sixth: Purchasing the property

The process of purchasing real estate in Dubai can be done through two methods, which are as follows:

The first method: real estate registry offices

The process of purchasing a property in Dubai is done by going to the real estate registration offices and following the following steps:
Go to the nearest real estate registration office. Submit the required papers and documents to the office employee.
The employee enters the transaction data into the department’s system and verifies it.
Pay the fees related to the transaction and thus receive a payment receipt.
The buyer receives an email with the completed transaction.

The second method: Dubai Rest application

The process of buying a property in Dubai is done electronically, through the Dubai Rest application, which is the best application for electronic real estate services. The process of purchasing a property in Dubai is done through the Dubai Rest application by following the following steps:
Download the Dubai Rest application from online stores. Click on the Settings option in the bottom tab in the application, or on the profile icon at the top right of the application, to log in.
Click on the individual option, and enter the information related to email, mobile phone number and other information requested by the application, after which it will send a code to your email or to your mobile phone.
Choose the Services option from the bottom menu on the Dubai Rest application.
Select the option to buy a property from the list of services. Enter the reference number, which is the number available with the seller.
Enter the code that was sent to the email, or to the mobile phone number.
View property details, which contain booking information, owner details, etc.
Click on the Accept option to continue.
Check the details related to the property.
Upload the required documents.
Click on Submit, and your reservation request will be sent successfully.
Fill out the electronic payment information. Click on Pay Now.
Go to Noqodi page to pay. Complete the payment process.

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