Tik Tok maintains the title of the most popular application in the world

yousef11 November 2023Last Update : 6 months ago
Tik Tok maintains the title of the most popular application in the world

For the fourth year in a row, “Tik Tok” maintained its position as the most popular application in the world in terms of downloads, as the Chinese-owned short video application “ByteDance” recorded 672 million downloads in 2022.

“Tik Tok” is the only Chinese application that is witnessing a high level of success in international markets, despite its ban in countries such as India.

The social media applications “Instagram”, “Facebook”, “WhatsApp” and “Telegram” dominated the rest of the top five places in terms of the number of downloads.

The after-effects of the end of the epidemic continued, with downloads of some applications stopping and declining in other categories, with users shifting their interests and preferences in the “post-Covid-19” world, as downloads of both “Zoom” and “Microsoft Teams” declined.

While “Subway Surfers” was the most downloaded game last year, recording 304 million downloads, followed by “Subway Guys.”

The most popular apps in the world by number of downloads in 2022

Number of downloads (1 million downloads)

01 Tik Tok  672

02 Instagram 547

03 Facebook 449

04 WhatsApp 424

05 Telegram  310

06 Subway Surfers 304

07 Subway Guys 254

08 Spotify 238

09 Shein 229

10 Messenger 210

11 Mesho 210

12 Roblox 208

13 Shopee 203

14 Amazon 195

15 Netflix 165

16 x (formerly known as “Twitter”) 159

17 The YouTube 154

18 Disney+ 147

19 Shopzi 141

20 Candy Crush Saga 138

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