The spread of fraud through groups and business groups on Telegram

yousef3 November 2023Last Update : 6 months ago
The spread of fraud through groups and business groups on Telegram

As a result, scams through bats on Telegram are suitable for attracting online users to make big profits and profit from following Instagram pages.

Over time, users are asked for certain reasons to obtain digital currency and buy digital currencies, thus requesting increased commission copies, higher profits and commissions, which users cannot afford and lose all previous transfers.

One of the users said that he was defrauded by a group on Telegram called “Group Code: 8226 Instagram,” noting that he had created inventions for groups that were initially limited to following Instagram pages with financial profits of up to 50 pounds, until he was asked to transfer money to other tasks for the purpose of digital currencies.

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Children immediately log in to carry out tasks that are required for the importance of greater conversions until they end up losing a significant result of the changes they make.

This group then uses these Vodafone Cash Airlines for transfers, which each have 1,691,058.

He continued that the names of the managers who were asked to carry out these tasks, according to the group, are: Kozy Akyol, Natalio Henriquez, and Julie Saliba.

He stated that the tasks require entering the digital currency website, which is, registering on it, and following it as one of the managers asks.

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