The importance of artificial intelligence in education 2022

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The importance of artificial intelligence in education 2022

Artificial intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines programmed to think like humans and imitate their actions, and the term can also be applied to any machine that displays features related to the human mind such as learning and problem solving.

Artificial intelligence technology also brings many benefits in various Fields including education, and many researchers also point out that artificial intelligence and machine learning can raise the level of education.

While the ways students learn and teach are constantly changing, and artificial intelligence helps us in this through the following points:

The importance of artificial intelligence for students in the field of education

AI-based applications provide students with the opportunity to study at times that suit them, and students can get feedback from teachers during regular study times.

AI applications also provide students with global access to learning 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Any student can learn everything at his own pace and ability, without referring to a teacher, and students from all over the world can access high-quality education without incurring travel and living expenses.

Provide a variety of options for students

Many students need extra help outside the classroom, whether it’s helping with homework, or preparing for an exam, it can be difficult to find teachers who have enough free time to meet these needs, and this is what AI applications provide for students, meaning that they are Provide assistance to the student according to their own need.

AI teachers and chat bots can also do an excellent job of helping students deal with various aspects of learning outside the classroom, and despite the constant need for teachers, AI tools can help students work on their weak points.

Determine students’ skills and make suggestions that suit them

Customized educational programs can be created for students based on their educational experience and knowledge.

Using AI that has recently enabled students to take a personalized approach to learning programs based on their experiences and preferred aspects, AI can adapt to each student’s level of knowledge, speed of learning, and desired goals. and enhance their learning.

In addition, AI-powered solutions can analyze students’ past learning history, identify their weaknesses, and suggest the most appropriate courses for them to improve their performance, which positively reflects on their learning and provides many opportunities for appropriate individual learning.

It is noteworthy that AI-based solutions can adapt to students’ education level, learning speed, and current educational goals; AI-powered applications can analyze students’ past learning histories, identify weaknesses, and deliver courses based on this information.

As a result, AI and its applications offer diverse options depending on student needs, as AI-based solutions can be adapted to enable student assistance. of their weaknesses, and providing educational materials based on their weaknesses, such as the student taking the test before starting to use the application; The application analyzes them and presents the appropriate tasks and courses.

Providing virtual guides to follow up on students

AI-based platforms provide virtual mentors to track student progress, and although only human teachers can better understand the needs of their students, it is a good idea to get immediate feedback from the virtual teacher.

Students get quick answers

Fast replies are one of the most important advantages that AI-based applications can ever give students, there is nothing more frustrating than having a student get their question answered after three days, and AI can help students find answers to students’ most common questions in seconds. By supporting automation and conversational intelligence.

Availability of distance education for students around the world

Artificial intelligence provides a lot of opportunities to share knowledge and learning around the world, as AI enables students to study different courses and training programs, in addition to providing a lot of platforms that contain interactive educational materials from the best teachers.

Artificial intelligence also provides opportunities For students who speak different languages ​​or have visual or auditory problems, for example, Presentation Translator is an AI-based solution that creates simultaneous translations, thus enabling students to listen or read in their native language.

Specialized education for people with special needs

AI allows students to focus on their individual needs, and many large education platforms such as Carnegie Learning are investing in AI to deliver more personalized courses, and as a result learners work with materials they are ready for, filling gaps in their knowledge and enriching their education.

As artificial intelligence has become more intelligent, it has become possible to scan and analyze students’ facial expressions, for example if the lesson is too difficult, the platform can change the lesson according to the student’s need.

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