The frequency of the Abu Dhabi Open Sports Channel, which carries the Barcelona-Manchester City match

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The frequency of the Abu Dhabi Open Sports Channel, which carries the Barcelona-Manchester City match

Barcelona is preparing for these hours, for the next confrontation in which it will stand against its counterpart “Manchester City”, in a friendly match between the two teams, which will be hosted by the first, at the Camp Nou stadium. Today, it is scheduled to be one of the strongest confrontations, not only for the strength of the teams in the confrontation, but for the strength of its goal, and a large number of viewers are scheduled to follow it, from within the ranks of viewers and through television screens, where the match will be covered directly from the pitch with the highest quality and via screens. Many sports channels open.

The frequency of the channel that carries the Barcelona-Manchester City match

Abu Dhabi Sports Channel had revealed, in a statement issued by it, its willingness to transfer the activities of the friendly match between Barcelona and Manchester City, so that the open sports channel will transmit all the events of the match directly from the field and through its screens, with the highest quality so that viewers from all over the world can follow the match. The friendly that will be held this evening at the Camp Nou stadium, and the timing of the match is as follows:

Match: Barcelona and Manchester City.
The competition: a charity friendly match.
Time: Wednesday, August 24, 9:00 pm Cairo time.
Venue: Camp Nou.
Carrier channels: Abu Dhabi 1 Sports.

The frequency of the Abu Dhabi 1 sports channel
Abu Dhabi Sports Channel 1 is a free sports channel that transmits many important sports news and events across its screens. Viewers who wish to follow the channel’s content can follow it through the following frequencies:

Frequency 12091
Nilesat satellite
Horizontal polarization
Coding 27500
Error correction factor 5/6
Frequency 11747
Horizontal polarization
Coding 30000
Error correction factor 3/4
Hot Bird satellite
Frequency 11938
yahsat satellite
Coding 30000
Horizontal polarization
Error correction factor 8/9

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