The best current account in Saudi Arabia from Bank Albilad

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The best current account in Saudi Arabia from Bank Albilad

The Economy website lists the best current account in Saudi Arabia from Bank Albilad.

The current account from Bank Albilad allows you to benefit from many banking services and financing solutions that make it easier for you to manage your money and meet your banking needs through all Bank Albilad branches.

Through the current account, you can get many options of cards that suit you and make it easy for you to make payments, in addition to effective digital channels to manage your money.

Advantages of a current account from Bank Albilad

The following is a list of the most important features that a current account from Bank Albilad in Saudi Arabia provides you with:

A wide range of available cards: mada cards – Albilad credit cards – Tamkeen credit card – Madad prepaid card – Domestic labor card
Benefit from Bank Albilad’s distinctive electronic channels: Albilad Net, Albilad App for smart devices and Albilad Phone.
Ease of making local and international transfers between Albilad Bank accounts.

Take advantage of the Western Union service for international transfers online via Albilad electronic channels.
Take advantage of Enjaz International’s online transfer services through Albilad’s electronic channels.
The possibility of making and executing SADAD / Ministry of Interior payments.
Wide choices of personal finance solutions from Bank Albilad such as car finance, personal finance and real estate finance.
The ability to open Albilad account with monthly returns across Albilad Net in Saudi riyals or in US dollars.
The possibility of issuing a check book in Saudi riyals and other currencies.
Ease of buying and selling foreign currencies.
Possibility to participate in investment funds and public offerings.
Take advantage of safe deposit boxes.
Open an investment account and sign up for Albilad Trading.

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