Free Bachelor’s Scholarships from Simmons College, USA

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Free Bachelor’s Scholarships from Simmons College, USA

The Economy website lists the steps and details of free bachelor’s scholarships from Simmons College of America.

Simmons College announces a number of full scholarships for international students under the Gilbert and Marcia Kotzen Scholars Program to pursue any of the undergraduate degree programs or majors offered by the college

The scholarship covers all tuition fees with room to accommodate and an annual stipend of up to $3,000 for up to 4 years

the conditions

School certificates certified and translated
Academic transcripts certified and translated
SAT score of at least 1300
GPA up to 3.3
Proof of superiority in mathematics
English language proficiency certificate IELTS or TOEFL
Answers to scholarship questions:

How would you use your additional annual award of $3000 (for study abroad, short-term courses, summer internship tuition, and/or research support)? ( 250 words )
Some people argue that leaders are born, not made, while others defend the opposite view, namely that leaders are “made.” Write an essay in which you defend one view or the other. Use a specific example of a leader, either from history or from your own personal experience, to support your argument. ( 500 words)
Finalists chosen for scholarship consideration will be required to complete an on-campus interview which will be conducted in February. If you are an international applicant unable to make it to campus, a Skype interview may be conducted instead.

How to share

The scholarship is applied for by obtaining a university seat via the link:

Then send the required documents via the following form or email:

[email protected]

More details here Specialties here

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