Steps to obtaining personal financing from sulfah without the need to transfer a salary

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Steps to obtaining personal financing from sulfah without the need to transfer a salary

The Economy website presents the steps for obtaining personal financing from sulfah without the need to transfer a salary.

sulfah of the first financial technology company authorized by the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia to grant personal and fast financing using financial technology, which is a micro-lending platform that provides emergency cash payments on the same day, provides a personal financing advance using financial technology for easier and faster use and shortcuts to time and effort

You can obtain and approve financing at any time and anywhere within the Kingdom according to the needs of whether you are raising debt, improving the house, repairing the car or purchasing your own needs. The financing sulfah is provided without salary transfer and provides you with easy access to cash with the support of financial stability

Many citizens are looking for financing free of any doubts and compatible with Islamic Sharia provisions, and financing is personal, fast and immediate without the need for salary transfer, and it is provided by the sulfah platform, and financing procedures are done within only 15 minutes through financial technology tools (Fintech).

You can apply for an advance of the amount of 1000 Saudi riyals, so that it will be recovered by deducting it directly from your salary, and the payment process will become easier and faster through the sulfah  online application.

You must record the calculation of the value of sulfah  and the appropriate repayment period by scheduling the amount in installments with the descent of each salary.

Enter your information, it needs to know some information about you to get approval quickly.

Advanced protection and encryption of all data on the Internet.

Signing the advance contract and obtaining it within 24 hours through the application of an advance in a safe and easy way.

Advantages of sulfah

No need to transfer a salary.

No need for a sponsor.

The premiums are deducted directly from the salary.

Avoid embarrassment.

In compliance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.

Process speed.

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