profitable business ideas

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profitable business ideas

The idea of ​​making home movies may turn into a successful and profitable project if it is implemented well, and all that is needed to start this project is a camera and a good idea with an approximate vision of how to turn this idea into a video clip, without the need for equipment, cinematic tools, or Even an excellent scenario, all one has to do is make a bunch of videos and upload them to their YouTube channel on the internet when they are finished, and wait to get a lot of views, which can lead to making big money.

cleaning service

All companies, institutions, residential places, and restaurants need to be kept clean at all times, and this can be used to establish an office to provide a cleaning service and start looking for permanent customers; Such as restaurants, and homes because they need cleaning on a daily basis, or agreement with retail companies and office employees to carry out cleaning operations outside their working hours.

work as a consultant

When a person has extensive experience or a skill in a particular field, he can establish his own project by marketing this skill or experience and making a lot of money; For example, if a person has a university degree in accounting, he can work in the field of helping families choose the most appropriate education for their children, or providing financial advice to people and helping them deal with their portfolios of securities and investment funds.

Home interior design

This project can be started by communicating with contractors, offering them the possibility of designing the interiors of the house, or communicating with people who have recently bought a new house, and understanding the nature and details of their lives that help develop a suitable design for them, as the designer must know what the home owner wants in a way. Specific, especially if he has children, or any type of pet, or if the housewife wears high heels, as well as the type of lighting the family prefers, how the rooms are used, and much more.

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