Conditions for opening a store in Saudi Arabia

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Conditions for opening a store in Saudi Arabia

What are the conditions for opening a store in Saudi Arabia?

Opening a commercial store in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia requires the issuance of a license to practice commercial activity from the relevant authorities, and this requires the fulfillment of several conditions, the most prominent of which are as follows:

It is necessary to have a commercial register for the property. The person wishing to open the shop must not be prohibited from practicing commercial activity.

The validity and accuracy of the data provided. The possibility of those wishing to open a commercial store to apply for a license on their own behalf or on behalf of another person, provided that a copy of the legal power of attorney is attached.

The shop owner’s commitment to updating his data in the system for commercial licenses within the Baladi government platform.

Adherence to civil defense conditions, which include: that the walls separating the commercial store from neighboring stores must be fire-resistant. The store must not include structural additions made of flammable materials.

Electrical installations must be isolated from randomness, and must be connected to an automatic circuit breaker. The water heater must contain a safety valve, which must be intact and not have any leaks.

The commercial store must not contain stolen annexes or floors. The aisles in the store must have sufficient capacity for easy movement.

Ensure that the gas cylinder is equipped with a leak detector and a self-closing valve, provided that it is located in a location away from flammable materials.

What documents are required to open a store in Saudi Arabia?

Obtaining a license to open a commercial store in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia requires submitting a set of documents, the most prominent of which are as follows:
An external photo of the store, with the store’s nameplate clearly visible in the photo.
A copy of the commercial real estate building license. The lease contract, investment contract, or ownership deed for the commercial store issued by the municipality or other government agencies.
hygiene contract; It is an optional contract according to the type of commercial activity carried out.
A safety report from civil defense, or an invoice for the safety tools that will be used in the shop.
The national ID card of the shop owner, or the national ID card of the agent, if present.
A picture inside the store’s website to prove the site’s readiness for commercial activity.
An image of surveillance cameras.
An investment license within Saudi Arabia for non-Saudi investors, with official proof of the investor.

What are the procedures for issuing a license for a commercial store in Saudi Arabia?

You can follow the following steps to be able to issue a license to open a commercial store in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
Log in to the unified access portal of the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing.
Click on Start Service.
Choose the secretariat and municipality. Submit your application and register all store information; Such as the type of business activity, geographical location, and other data.
Upload the required attachments and documents. Send the application to the municipality to have its data, attachments and approvals audited.
An observer will later be sent to inspect the store, and then submit his inspection report.
When the municipality approves your application, it will be approved and a SADAD invoice will be issued, after which you can print the license and conduct business. You can pay the fees through the SADAD system by following the following steps:
Log in to SADAD system.
Get the billing number for the service provided to you. Log in to your bank account.
Pay the amount due using the postpaid number you obtained.

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