OPPO is betting on the integration of quality, pricing and after-sales services

yousef27 February 2022Last Update : 2 years ago
OPPO is betting on the integration of quality, pricing and after-sales services

OPPO has set its plan for the current year by maintaining the confidence of users as well as geographical expansion through service centers and technical support.

The company believes that the Egyptian market is one of the huge markets that accommodates multiple companies, including big competitions, which is in the interest of users, which has many options for them, and the standard is in the quality of the product and its value against its price and after-sales service, as the market is always in need of new products and technologies that meet Users needs with high quality and attractive brand.

According to the company, it has managed to maintain the confidence of users of its devices since they entered the Egyptian market until now, because its vision is “technology for humanity, kindness to the world” and the company is committed to becoming a high-tech company that serves people who enjoy the beauty and benefits of technology, and always takes into account the user’s requirements and keenness on Offering exceptional features and quality to suit the needs of the user.

The company confirmed that, according to IDC, OPPO ranked second in the Egyptian smartphone market in 2020, and will continue to enhance OPPO’s high-end brand image and expand its market share in the middle and high-end consumers market, by focusing on the Reno series and strengthening the Find series.

OPPO indicated that it is confident that if products and services impress consumers, this will be followed by an increase in shipment and sales volumes naturally, and it will remain at all times responsible for satisfying users and local customers, by providing them with better products and services.

The company said that it is OPPO’s core competency, innovative technologies and unique designs that make it strive to create products that enable users to enjoy the “beauty of technology” by incorporating powerful technology into beautiful designs, allowing modern innovation to seamlessly flow into our customers’ lives.

According to the company, for example, in the much-loved Reno series, oppo is committed to providing the most modern and innovative imaging experience, and in the Find X series, it aims to provide users with the best technology experience in an elegant and premium way.

In addition to smartphones, users may have noticed that the product range is also expanding to include more IoT products, and the company has launched several wireless headphones and wrist devices.

OPPO is known to be a human-centered technology, and OPPO constantly contributes to technologies aimed at the daily use of the customer, and has already created the industry-leading VOOC flash charging technology that is widely used by more than 175 million users worldwide. She has been actively working on new research and commercialization of 5G at the same time, and is open to industrial ecosystem collaboration to bring more advanced technologies into people’s modern lives.

OPPO is the only smartphone vendor in the world with an independent global service system, with more than 2,500 self-built customer service centers in more than 60 international markets. In the Middle East and Africa region, there are 137 service outlets that are easily accessible across the country, Provides professional customer service care, including 39 OPPO service centers and extensive service points.

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