How do I fix a computer without formatting?

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How do I fix a computer without formatting?

Computer problems and malfunctions may occur and be resolved through some simple procedures and without resorting to any more complex procedures. Among the problems that the user may face and can fix with ease are the following:

How do I fix a computer without formatting?

When this problem occurs, the user of the computer must make sure that this device is already connected to electricity, and it is also necessary to check the wire connecting the device to the power socket.

Software related problems

As a problem with the slowness of some programs, this problem can be solved through several methods, the simplest of which is to close the program and then restart it, and this slowness in the program may be due to the lack of updating the program for a period of time, and another problem may occur for some programs such as staying stuck on the screen and becoming as if frozen To solve this problem that a computer user may encounter, you can resort to closing the application by pressing three buttons together on the keyboard and these buttons are Ctrl, Alt and Delete, and then select the program in which the problem exists and close it.

The computer restarts automatically

When facing this problem, the user of the computer can make sure that the operating system of the computer does not perform any updates, as these updates may restart the device several times, and this problem may be caused by the high temperature of the computer, as some computers It shuts down the operating system running on the computer when the device gets too hot.

Wi-Fi disconnection

This problem may cause doubt in the user and difficulty in determining the cause of the problem, is it the computer or even the existing network router or other possibilities, so it is necessary to make sure that the computer is within the range of the Wi-Fi provider, as well as making sure that the wireless network card installed on the device It is well-updated, and the operating system running on the device can be allowed to attempt to correct any issues in this regard by clicking on the Wi-Fi icon in the taskbar.

Some devices are not working

The problem of some computer accessories not working properly, such as the mouse, keyboard, or touchpad, may occur. To solve this problem, it is possible to disconnect the cables that connect these devices to the computer and then reconnect them again. It is worth checking the charge of this battery.

Black screen appears on startup

This problem may occur and a blank black screen appears when the computer starts. This problem occurs as a result of a malfunction in one of the files responsible for the computer’s boot process. This problem can be resolved by adding a hard disk to complete the boot process.

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