“Meta” launches the “BlenderBot” AI-powered robot

yousef14 August 2022Last Update : 2 years ago
“Meta” launches the “BlenderBot” AI-powered robot

Artificial intelligence is a huge development and popular technology that many companies are seeking to use in their own systems, among them Meta Micron and Zoom, among many others.

Uses of artificial intelligence technology

Artificial intelligence enters into many areas such as cyber security by providing customized systems for companies in order to protect them from cyber attacks and hacking, and thus reduce user data theft.

Google is also one of the companies that use artificial intelligence technology, as the company contributed to the development of a new language for artificial intelligence, and the company succeeded in developing a language that serves all the emotions that robots may need while communicating with humans.

Some scientists at Carnegie University have also developed an assistive pilot technology that works with artificial intelligence and succeeded in developing a new technology that helps aircraft fly while avoiding collisions safely.

Meta has also developed the largest artificial intelligence computer, which will be used to build augmented reality or what is known as virtual reality for Meta, in addition to analyzing user data.

Meta is developing a chatbot “BlenderBot”

Meta is now developing an artificial intelligence chatbot called “BlenderBot”, which the user can communicate with just like humans, and the user can chat with the bot about many things that interest him such as the things he loves, or about specific areas such as study and others.

What countries does BlenderBot operate in?

The “BlenderBot” bot is currently only available in the United States, and it is clear that everyone is having a good time with this bot in the chat, and it seems that Meta has launched the bot to start learning from humans, so that it can be used within the augmented reality technology that the company seeks to make it work.

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