Inquiry about traffic violations through the Absher electronic platform

yousef9 August 2022Last Update : 2 years ago
Inquiry about traffic violations through the Absher electronic platform

Traffic violations are a ghost that haunts car owners and drivers inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Paying the traffic violations in which the citizen falls is the only solution to avoid the penalties that may occur to the citizen. Inquiries are made through the Absher electronic platform, so the citizen has a number of options that allow him to know the violations in order to pay them.

How to inquire about traffic violations

The way to inquire about traffic violations is very easy and simple, as there are a number of steps to be followed and the service is terminated. The user first enters the Absher electronic platform, then chooses the traffic section and determines traffic requests. It requires the user to enter the personal identification number and the person’s driver’s license number, and by pressing a button The entry is directed to a page where a number of due traffic violations appear, and thus the service has been completed.

Absher application and its importance for the Saudi citizen

The Absher application has become one of the most important applications owned by a citizen in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and all services are now through this application, starting with the various traffic services for driving licenses or booking traffic appointments. To exit or return, the platform also provides a number of insurance services to citizens inside the Kingdom.

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