Inquiry about electricity bills in Oman 2022

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Inquiry about electricity bills in Oman 2022

You can inquire about electricity bills in Amman if they do not reach your home by visiting any branch of the electricity company distributed in the city of Amman, by bringing a previous bill or a copy of the meter.

Electricity bills can also be inquired electronically through several methods, we mention The most prominent of them are as follows:

Inquiry about electricity bills in Oman

Jordan Electricity Company subscribers can inquire about their bills through the Jordan Electricity Company website through the following steps:

Entering the Electricity Company’s website through this link ( or by clicking here.

Several options will appear on the main page, and from these options you must click on the “E-Services” button located at the top of the page. When you click on “electronic services”, many sub-options will appear.

Click on the “inquiry about bills” option.

After that, a new screen will appear asking to create an account, then you must enter the information required to create the account.

After creating the account, you must click on the “Login” option and enter the email and password, which was used when creating the account.

After logging in to the account, click on the “Add / Modify Meter” button, and the required information for the counter whose information has been added will appear.

Jordan Electricity Company Application

The Jordan Electricity Company has issued an application for smart phones that enables the subscriber to obtain many services, the most important of which is to inquire about the electricity bill through self-reading of the meter.

Here are the steps to inquire about invoices through this application:

Download the application of the Jordan Electricity Company under the name of the Jordan Electricity Company through the smart phone store.

Enter the application and choose the language.

Enter your Jordanian phone number, and then a text message will be sent with the verification number, after which the number will be entered in the special field for it.

Click on the “Self-meter reading” option from among the options that will appear after entering the number.

Add the subscription for the meter to be read, and then enter the required information.

Take a picture of the meter using the phone, making sure that this picture is taken within three days of the date of the reading, that is, one day before the date of the periodic meter reading, or on the same day, or the day after the reading.

Send one image to the counter within the specified period, and the subscriber will be notified of the value owed.

e-Fawateercom website

You can inquire about your electricity bill through the e-Fawateercom service, and through the following steps:

Entering the e-fawateercom website from here.

Click on the “Create a new account” option, which will appear on the main screen, then fill in the required information, and then click on the “Login” button.

Choose the “Pay a new bill” service, which will appear as the first option in the list, after completing the account creation and logging in.

Choose “Jordan Electricity Company” from the list of the biller name. Click on “Payment of Electricity Bills” from the list of service type.

Enter the reference number without any signs, or spaces, which is present on the invoice next to the reference number for individual accounts and next to the file number for corporate accounts.

Click on the “Inquiry” button, and then the invoice value will appear.

Electronic bank accounts

Jordanian electronic bank accounts provide the service of inquiring about bills through the e-Fawateercom service, which is included in the banking options, which can be used either through the bank’s website, or through the private banking application.

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