How to make software for Samsung in 2022

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How to make software for Samsung in 2022

Here are the steps to make a software for the user’s Samsung phone.

Samsung software work

Open the list of applications (Apps) on the Samsung phone.

Click on the Settings icon that appears on the Applications screen.

Click on the General Management option. Click on the Reset option. Click on Factory Data Reset.

Click on the Reset option, or the Reset Device option.

Click on Delete All. Wait for the Android restore screen to appear.

Navigate to the Wipe data/factory reset option by navigating with the Volume Down button on the device.

Pressing the Power key to choose the selected option.

Move with the volume down button on the device again until you reach the option Yes, then press the Power key.

Pressing the Power key again to restart the device.

Take a backup of your Samsung device

A Samsung device user can take a backup copy of his device through a Google account or a Samsung account, by following the following steps:

Open the Settings menu on the user’s Samsung device.

Click on the “Cloud and accounts” option. Click on the Backup and restore option.

Choose the account on which the user wants to take the backup; Whether it is a Google account, or a Samsung account, and if the Samsung account is chosen to take the backup on, the data that the user wants to backup must be specified through the account.

Android OS update

Here are the steps to update your Samsung Android device

Ensure that the device is connected to an available Wi-Fi network.

Open the Settings menu on the Android phone.

Click on the System option, which is indicated by the inverted exclamation point in a small circle.

Click on System updates. Click on the Download and Install option.

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