Huawei Egypt expands the development of after-sales services and launches new products

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Huawei Egypt expands the development of after-sales services and launches new products

Huawei Egypt has set its new plan with the aim of returning to market leadership through several axes focused on expanding the development of after-sales services with diversification of the offered products. Peak Yen, President of Huawei Egypt for Consumer Business, reviewed the company’s plan in an interview with “Economy”, and the text of the dialogue.

How does Huawei see the hardware market in Egypt during the new year?

Yen: We see the hardware market in Egypt as one of the most important and promising markets in which we work, so we want to expand in this market constantly through several axes, the most important of which is the continuous availability of our latest devices, as we launched more devices, on top of which is the group of superior devices that varied between laptops, phones, wireless headphones and smart watches, the latest of which was the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3, which is the latest Huawei smart watch that provides the latest technology related to the health sector by providing more than 100 exercises in addition to measuring heart rate, blood oxygen and temperature The body and the battery lasts up to 14 days.

He said that one of the other most important axes that we focus on is also expanding the development of after-sales services to confirm our continued leadership in this sector by opening more maintenance centers and Huawei Experience Store branches, the latest of which was the opening of the City Center Almaza Mall and Mall of Egypt branches.
He added: We have another focus to focus on in our presence in the hardware market in Egypt, which is the launch of a group of new products of its kind in Egypt, which we have not launched before, and we will see a large group of them during this year.

What solutions does the company see to regain its leadership in the consumer devices market in Egypt?

Yen: I can confirm that Huawei has already returned to compete for the leadership of the Egyptian market once again, as we recently launched our latest mobile phone, HUAWEI nova 9, which features innovative technologies, modern design, 50MP camera and new video features that contribute to creating new possibilities for users while recording the moments of their lives.

He added: We are also working on launching the first Huawei printer in Egypt that suits small and medium needs this year. We will also launch Huawei smart TVs for the first time in the market during the first half of this year, and we are working to provide many innovative products that focus on productivity and practicality, which It complies with the requirements of the business sector and institutions to achieve their goals of significantly increasing productivity, such as the MateBook series of laptops in its various categories, the MatePad series of tablets, the desktop computer such as the MateStation S, and other office devices such as printers and routers.

He continued: We have an integrated expansion plan that will enable us to regain our share in all sectors within the devices market, which we have already achieved in the wearable devices sector, in which we have the largest market share in Egypt.

What challenges are expected to face during the new year?

Yen: I think that the challenges are how to provide new devices with superior capabilities and competitive prices, which we are working to implement in Huawei, but not only that, but we add to them the after-sales service system because the Egyptian consumer always prefers to make sure of the quality of the after-sales services that will get them after purchasing any device. In addition, we are constantly working on developing and improving our services while providing new experiences that can be relied upon in performing daily tasks such as the smart office experience by introducing a range of superior devices, which has met with impressive success in the Egyptian market.

He stated that the company presented the idea of ​​the integrated HUAWEI Ecosystem for the first time in Egypt, which enables users to connect all their personal devices with each other, as the group of superior devices is designed to create a common language for different types of devices.

He said that this provides users with a more convenient, smooth and secure experience to meet the diverse needs of all different types of devices with one system that allows sharing between devices as needed, and it also combines previously independent devices into a coherent and comprehensive super device that integrates all devices to freely benefit from the capabilities of its component devices based on on the needs of users in real time.

What has the Huawei integrated system developed, especially with regard to the HUAWEI AppGallery application platform?

Yen: We attach great importance to the development of all our platforms and services, especially the HUAWEI AppGallery platform, which since its launch in 2018, has registered more than 550 million monthly active users, and about 384 billion downloads and distribution of applications.
He said that with regard to the local level, we are continuing to work in cooperation with many partners to launch their applications on the HUAWEI AppGallery application platform, such as smart transportation and food delivery applications, and many banking applications, e-wallets and innovative electronic payments, due to the platform’s wide success during The last period after the great development that it witnessed during a record time, which will also continue during the coming period.

The Corona crisis led to a change in consumer priorities. Will this lead to Huawei focusing on the lowest-priced products in Egypt?

Yen: We look at Huawei Consumer Business as an integrated system that offers a variety of options that suit all categories. We can say that the Corona crisis affected the purchasing power of consumers in all countries of the world, which makes us focus more on price categories, but at the same time we cannot neglect other price categories, which is what we always excel in.

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