How to register at Al-Jouf University 1444, and what are the admission requirements?

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How to register at Al-Jouf University 1444, and what are the admission requirements?

Many students are looking for how to register at Al-Jouf University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, after the results of the high school diploma appeared. Al-Jouf University is one of the public universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which ranks first among Saudi universities, which makes many students want to apply, which is what We will explain it to you through this article.

Steps to register at Jouf University 1444

There are a set of steps identified by Al-Jouf Saudi University in order to apply through the university’s official electronic portal, and these steps are as follows:

Enter the official electronic portal of Al-Jouf University through this link

Enter the registration data

Then enter the required data for the student, which is:
The password.

No. civil registry.


Enter the other data related to the student as follows:

Student’s name in Arabic and English.

The student’s mobile number.

Marital status.

Health status.

mail box.

the phone.

Study type.

Date of Birth.

Country of residence.

The year of obtaining the certificate.

educational district.

Certificate state.

Achievement test score.

aptitude test score.

high school percentage.

Type of certificate.

Click Next
Write the verification code and send it to the mobile number that was registered in order to confirm the validity of the data.
Determining the desires of the faculties affiliated with Al-Jouf University.
Choosing 20 desires for colleges in order
Click Save Wishes.
Keep the application number so that it can be entered when needed.

Al-Jouf University Admission Requirements 1444

Al-Jouf University has identified a set of conditions that must apply to students in order to be accepted to the university, and these conditions are as follows:

The student must have a high school diploma, whether from inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
No more than five years have passed since the student obtained a high school diploma.
Students who have obtained a high school certificate from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must equalize the certificate at the Saudi Ministry of Education.
The student must pass the tests and interviews specified by the colleges to which he wishes to apply.
If the student works, whether in a government or private entity, he must obtain approval from the employer to study at the university
The student should not have previously been dismissed from any other college or university.

The student must pass the aptitude tests specified by the college in which he wishes to apply.
The student must have taken a test for those wishing to enroll in health and scientific colleges
The student must not have obtained a score of less than 50 in the National Center for Measurement test.

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