How to block calls on iPhone in 2022

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How to block calls on iPhone in 2022

The operating system found in Apple mobile devices (IOS7, IOS8) provides high user protection, as the system blocks unwanted phone calls, annoying calls from friends or acquaintances, or marketing campaigns, as well as for marketing SMS text messages. Or advertising campaigns, which provides an effective protection system for the user.

How to block calls on iPhone

If the person is registered in the address book, the user can block him by following one of the following methods:

Via message settings

Click on the Settings icon. Click on Messages settings.

Click on the “Block” option, after opening the messaging settings. You will see a list of the people who are registered with you.

Find the name you want to delete. Click on the name you want to delete.

A page will appear to you, with the name you chose to block, and under the name a message stating that no calls or messages will be received from this person.

Contacts apps

Launch the phone app. Choose the Contacts option.

Find the person you don’t want to receive calls from. Select the person by clicking on the name.

Click on Block this Caller, located at the bottom of the list.

That person is blocked, and when that person calls the user, the calls will go to the voicemail.

If there are numbers in the call list that are not registered in the address list, and the user wants to block them, they are blocked using one of the following methods:

Delete numbers directly

Click on the phone option. Click on the next icon (i). Choose the option to block this caller.

Create a new contact for these numbers

First enter these numbers, with new names like (block), and save them in the address list.

Click on Address List.

Specify the names under the heading (block).

Click the Block this Caller option, located at the bottom of the list, and the number will be blocked.

How to block advertising messages

Go to the message option.

Select the ad message you want to block. Resend this message.

Click on the (i) icon at the top.

Choose the block this caller option.

Then press block contact to confirm.

How to unblock people on iPhone

Follow the same previous steps, and when you reach the name of the person in the block list, press the name, and wipe the iPhone screen towards the left, to show you the word Unblock.

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