How do I overcome the fear of driving?

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How do I overcome the fear of driving?

The Economy website shows how to overcome the fear of driving.

Driving a car in our time has become one of the most important things that a person must learn, especially after people are separated from each other, as each person has become responsible for himself, and it has become difficult to move from one place to another by means of transportation because of the crowding of people on them, and as a result Because people are distracted from each other, the circumstances of life necessitate that each person learn to drive a car, so that he can then buy it, and move to the place he wants freely, but there are some people who are afraid when driving a car, so how can he overcome that fear?

Overcoming the fear of driving

Fear is only overcome by the person himself, if he has the will and determination, and he himself tries to eliminate his fear, then he will be able to easily overcome this stage, and he must take into account several things, which are as follows:


A person must be made aware that traffic accidents are a matter related to fate and destiny, and everything is in the hands of God Almighty, and that the teenage youth today may own and drive a car, and may be professional in driving it, and therefore he is no less than others, nor less than him, and that accidents that happen Which leads to death, and severe harm, is caused by recklessness and recklessness, and that whenever a person drives a car slowly, cautiously, and cautiously, even if he collides with something, this will not lead to injuries and disasters that he reads and hears about.

Escort skilled drivers

In order for a person to overcome his fear of driving, he must accompany skilled drivers, and ride with them while they drive the car continuously, for long periods, and during most hours of the day, and during crowding, so that he knows that the issue is not a difficult task, and it is not a terrifying task, but it is a possible issue And with caution and concentration, he can overcome that controlling fear.

Study the topic theoretically

There are educational books for driving a car, which there is no objection to a person reading, and trying to know the divisions of the streets, the signs on them, and getting to know the subject in theory, then the person may notice that the issue is simple, and can be learned, and therefore the demand for the subject, and learn it practically.


A person must know that fear can be overcome through self-confidence, and the latter does not come except by trying to learn driving in a practical way, and he can learn it in a place free of people and buildings, and prolong the driving training period, as much as he wants, until he finds himself that he is able to drive it between cars, because learning something, and mastering it, develops in a person self-confidence, which in turn will eliminate fear, or reduce its severity.

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