Driving lessons for beginners.. 3D driving class 2022

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Driving lessons for beginners.. 3D driving class 2022

The Economy website presents the method and steps for teaching car driving for beginners 2022.

Driving is the second step after learning traffic laws and signs, and driving is an unknown thing, especially for women, and a person with knowledge of driving cars, especially for beginners, should be hired before starting to drive to avoid accidents, and it is better to learn to drive on manual cars because they are easier to learn.

There are three pedals that the trainee must know before starting to learn to drive; The pedal to the right is the gas pedal, the brake pedal in the middle, the clutch pedal, and these pedals are the foot control devices for the car, while the steering wheel, handbrake, and transmission are the control devices car in hand.

Car operation steps

At first, release the hand brake, then press the clutch pedal firmly and put the transmission in the first position, then start the car with the key, after starting the car with the key, press the clutch pedal and the gas pedal, then remove the foot from the pedal The clutch is gradually pressed while keeping the accelerator pedal pressed, then the car begins to move, you must pay attention to the speed, especially for beginners.

Transmission method for higher speed

Depress the clutch pedal and simultaneously remove the foot from the gas pedal, then shift the transmission to a higher gear (for example, from 1st gear to 2nd gear). After shifting the transmission, depress the gas pedal and simultaneously remove the foot from the clutch pedal.

The way to shift the gear to a lower speed

Press the clutch pedal and release the gas pedal, in case the speed is high, press the brakes to reduce the speed, then change the transmission (for example, from the third gear to the second gear), if the car is in the second gear, do not change the gear to First gear, and if this is necessary, it is best to stop and restart the car.

stop the car

Press the brake pedal continuously, until the engine sound fades, then press the clutch pedal and put the shifter in the middle and stop. As for the sudden stop when driving, it is by pressing the brake pedal quickly and then releasing it. After releasing the brakes.

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