Macintosh Charger for iPhone! See how to buy this cute accessory

ali mohamed
ali mohamed28 May 2022Last Update : 2 years ago
Macintosh Charger for iPhone! See how to buy this cute accessory

Macintosh Charger for iPhone: This retro fast charger for Apple devices is available for purchase through Indiegogo. Here are all the details.

Macintosh Charger for iPhone: If you are an Apple fan, this may interest you a lot. Most of you may know Apple from its iPhones, but a few decades ago, it was the Mac that put Apple in the limelight. And the original Macintosh made possible the personal computer as we know it today, and is therefore a highly regarded gadget in Apple’s history. Then it would be nice to have a charger in the form of the original Macintosh, right? Fortunately, Shargeek, a kickstarter brand on Indiegogo, has come up with just such a product.

It’s called the Shargeek Retro 35 GaN Charger and it was put on a kickstarter funding campaign. There is enough demand for the company to mass-produce and sell it. If you book it now as part of the early bird offer, you can get the charger for an effective price of Rs. 1960 which is a decent amount to spend on a cute charger. And not only is it shaped like a Macintosh, it also has working parts to give you that retro Mac experience.

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Macintosh charger for all Apple gadgets

Aside from the charger’s shape that resembles a retro Macintosh, the biggest attraction of this thing is its small display, which is basically an LED light status indicator. The “display” glows white when not charging, yellow when charging normally, blue when charging fast, green when supercharged and no light when not charging for 5 minutes. You can put transparent DIY stickers on top of this screen to further customize it – you can even get the “hello” sticker on the screen, or the emoji face.

Aside from the cute design, this is a 35W GaN charger, meaning it should be able to charge almost all of your Apple devices. That means you can charge your iPhone, your Apple Watch, your iPad, the MacBook Air and Pro models, and anything that comes with the new USB-C cable. You can even charge non-Apple devices with this charger as it also supports PD 3.0, PD 2.0, Quick Charge 4 and more.

However, keep in mind that the charger comes standard with the US port and you have to buy the travel adapters for different countries, which adds an extra $5 to the price.


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