Energy saving technologies in buildings 2022

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Energy saving technologies in buildings 2022

Energy can be saved in buildings through the following methods:

Energy saving technologies in buildings

Sensors for controlling electrical plugs

This technology is used to save energy by controlling the lighting on and off in rooms, especially in large buildings and companies, where these devices sense the lit and empty rooms, such as; Meeting rooms and toilets, and then closed automatically.

shading systems

The heat of the sun affects some appliances in homes, such as air conditioning and heating, as it increases their heat, which increases energy consumption, so shading systems can be placed on the windows to reduce the sun’s heat, and keep the temperature of the devices within the ideal degree for it.

Energy Saving Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

Energy-saving air conditioning systems are used as a preventive measure to save energy, as they are installed in the construction phase of residential buildings and commercial companies, and their working principle is to put an adjustable exhaust hood and a timer to reduce their use when the activity in the building is low, and although it can be expensive; However, its benefits are the best in the long run.

Solar panels

Solar panels aim to heat water with solar energy instead of using electricity, as it is an excellent source of sustainable energy.

insulation systems

The principle of work of insulation systems is to regulate the temperatures of buildings that are able to cool and heat themselves independently on the outside, by controlling the amount of air that leaks from the building, which helps reduce the load on the air conditioning systems, and thus reduce electricity consumption.

One of the best forms of insulation is placing the Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) in the form of a structure around the building, and this concrete consists of polystyrene foam that is difficult to penetrate, and is not only an insulator of wasted energy, but is an excellent technology against fire and very bad weather conditions.

Lighting (LED) and daylight

LED lamps are an ideal alternative to incandescent lamps, which usually consume a lot of energy, while LED lamps consume a fifth of this energy, give the same amount of light, in addition, they last longer, and require less replacement and maintenance.

On the other hand, daylight is an economical alternative to save energy consumption, so it is recommended to give priority to building glass windows around the building, to benefit from sunlight for the longest possible time and for the largest possible distance.

Use of energy-saving devices

There are many available and approved options in the market today for devices that provide reduced energy consumption, for example, some types of computers provide 30% to 65% less power than other devices, and staying up to date with these latest developments will provide the user with the option to use The most energy-efficient equipment inside the building.

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