Driving lessons steps for beginners

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Driving lessons steps for beginners

The Economy website presents the steps of teaching automatic driving for beginners, which a large number of users are looking for to learn the basics of driving.

And recently, driving has spread among young men and women as a job within the functions of transporting individuals through smart applications, which are used by the companies Uber, careem and Didi.

There are currently many cars with automatic driving, which allow their drivers a lot of comfort and lightness while driving, and many drivers prefer to own automatic cars; for the ease of driving it, especially in times of congestion, and the comfort it provides; They are environmentally friendly, as automatic cars consume less fuel, and use electric charging energy in some cars if they are driven under a certain speed, and driving these cars varies slightly according to the manufacturer, but the basis for driving is always the same.

Getting ready to drive

You must follow the following steps in order to drive an automatic car:
Read the driving and safety instructions that come with automatic cars; Because it differs slightly from one car to another. Learn the basics of the car, such as the accelerator pedal, steering wheel, and wipers; The brake pedal is located at the feet on the left side, the gas pedal is on the right, and the gearbox is located on the right side of the driver, and letters in English appear on it, D stands for driving, P stands for stop, R stands for reverse, N is the vehicle’s neutral position. Get in the car, adjust the side and front mirrors, adjust the seat, and put on the seat belt.

Driving an automatic car

There are many things to follow when driving an automatic car, including the following:
Start the car, then place your right foot on the brake pedal and press it down. Keep your foot on the brake, then shift the gear knob to the letter D (drive), the letter will light up if selected correctly. Release the parking brake, which is a small lever located between the front seats, or a pedal located at the far left of the footing area.

Make sure the gear lever is on the letter P (parking) before shifting it to the letter D (drive); Because some automatic cars do not start moving if they are not prepared in a standing position. Slowly and gradually depress the brake pedal, then place your right foot on the accelerator pedal and depress it lightly until the car starts moving. Press the blinkers (side lights) according to the side of the car, to warn the cars that want to cross the road from behind the car so that they know that the car is in a starting state and not in a alignment state. Move the steering wheel to the right or left depending on which way you want to go, then continue to balance the steering wheel tautly if the road is straight.

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