How to operate WhatsApp Plus 2022

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How to operate WhatsApp Plus 2022

WhatsApp Plus is a modified application from the famous WhatsApp program affiliated with Facebook, but it is an unofficial program, and it is not approved by Facebook, and it carries many advantages that give the user more privacy in dealing with this application. Recently, there have been many versions that developers have put on the WhatsApp Plus application that helps protect it from being banned from the global WhatsApp company, so that the user can download it and install it on the device, depending on the version of the phone that he owns.

Steps to run WhatsApp Plus

First we head to the normal WhatsApp application, we go to the settings menu, then chat history, then we start backing up chats, then OK.

We go to settings, then choose the general menu, and from there to the application manager menu, search for the WhatsApp application, and click on it.

We go to a new page that contains the application settings, we press the command to force stop, and then the command to remove the application, and then the OK command, until we permanently delete the application from the device.

We enter our browser, type in the search box the following link: http://what’s, then press Go.

Download the OGWhatsApp application from the link, then wait for a few minutes until it is installed on the computer, and it will appear in the My App field among other applications.

We go to a new page, in which the main window of the application appears, in which we press the Agree command.

Now we go to the application settings page, in which we write the name of the country, and then the phone number accompanied by the international code.

Wait for the number to be validated, by clicking on Done. We wait for the verification code to arrive via a text message to the phone number that we have installed on the application, and then it is activated automatically, and entering the application, at this point we click on the follow-up command.

We write the name of our ID that we want to appear through the WhatsApp Plus application, then we put an avatar, and then we write OK. We wait for a few seconds until the message logs stored on the previous WhatsApp application are loaded, either we skip it, or we continue to press give permission, and the application is ready to use.

Features of WhatsApp Plus

Through the new WhatsApp Plus, it is possible to activate the feature to hide the last seen, so that the user never appears in the list of callers in the “online now” mode, and the date of the last appearance appears earlier than the time we actually contacted through this application.

It also has the feature of hiding the second true in chats, and this makes the sender think that we have not received the message yet, and it is also possible to retrieve all the messages that we deleted previously with ease.

Through the WhatsApp Plus application, we can hide the blue check mark, and therefore the sender cannot know that we have read the message, while we can know that he has read our messages, by the presence of the blue check mark next to his chats.

Hides the writing feature, when you want to write messages to a specific person. It also hides the audio recording feature, when you start recording an audio clip.

Through this application, you can run two versions of WhatsApp, without the need for rooting, or downloading a clone of WhatsApp.

It helps to see the status of the callers who are registered with us in the WhatsApp list, and to appear in the status of online now, or not.

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