Details of WE MIX packages from Telecom Egypt

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Details of WE MIX packages from Telecom Egypt

The Economy website monitors the details of the WE MIX packages from Telecom Egypt, which it recently offered to its customers.

For the first time in Egypt, WE Mix brings you the largest control package and terrestrial internet in one system. Call any network in one minute and share your family and friends in the mix to use the minutes and the Internet together.

No megabytes will go to you, and if you use the mobile internet, you will be able to supplement the capacity of the terrestrial internet.

And also for free minutes, the members of the group spoke to them.

Get double the 3 month minutes bundle offer when you buy a new line on any of the WE Mix packages

Billing within the package:

WE Mix TariffWE Mix 165WE Mix 240
mobile internet3,500MB up to 7,000MB6,000 MB up to 12,000 MB
key minutes1,5002,000
Minutes within the group250500
terrestrial internet150 GB
(50 GB of them are valid from 3 am to 10 am only)
190 GB
(50 GB of them are valid from 3 am to 10 am only)
The number of group membersGroup owner + mobile line + landline internetGroup owner + two mobile lines + landline internet
Consumption rate from landline to mobile1 MB on the mobile = 20 MB landline internet1 MB on the mobile = 20 MB landline internet
Subscription code*100#*100#

1 minute to WE (mobile or landline) = 1 minute of the basic package
1 megabyte for social media programs and websites = 1 megabyte from the package
Social media sites include: Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Google Maps, Sound Cloud, and Anghami.
1 MB for other sites = 2 MB from the package
New customers and existing customers transferred to the WE Mix system are given a portion of the bundle minutes for off-network usage by the billing method: 1 minute = 1 minute for other networks

Terms and Conditions:

The package is valid for 30 days
After consuming the mobile internet MB within the package, the customer can use the mobile internet from the landline internet package at the rate of 1 MB for the mobile internet = 20 MB for the landline internet.
The customer with the package can add another mobile line to the group by dialing *100# or the MyWE app or by calling 111.
Fonts added to the group must be on the WE Mix system
The customer who owns the group can set a maximum limit for the rest of the group members to consume minutes and megabytes from the mobile and landline package through the MyWE app or by calling 111.
Group minutes are only used between group members.

Unused minutes and megabytes from the basic package will be carried over to the following month in case of renewal on the renewal date.
Minutes for calls within the group are not carried over.
Renewal is done automatically if credit is available.
Off-peak hours for terrestrial internet from 3 am to 10 am.
In the event of non-renewal, the unused minutes and megabytes will expire.
If your basic terrestrial internet package expires, you will enjoy unlimited internet at low speed. In the event that you want to return to the original speed in the same month, you can recharge any of the following additional packages:

Extra Packagethe price
20 GB30 pounds
50 GB60 pounds
100 GB100 pounds
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