Details of the number portability service from We Telecom Egypt 2022

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Details of the number portability service from We Telecom Egypt 2022

The Economy website monitors the terms and details of the use of the We Telecom Egypt number portability service.

Mobile Number Portability

How to change to WE network?

Bring your personal identification and verify the data in the nearest WE store
National ID must be valid and not damaged
You may receive your unpaid bills of your previous operator/s within your first 60 days of subscription with WE
Confirm the transfer request when the phone call is received
Terminate all financial receivables in the donor mobile company before transferring

What are the service fees?

MNP service for free and customer get the new Sim card for free from WE stores.

How long does it take to fulfill the porting in?

24 working hours for the activation after approval from the other operator to transfer.

Where can I create an MNP request?

Through any of WE main stores

Can the application be rejected by the other company? What should I do if that happens?

Yes, the application could be rejected and you should submit complaint to 155 from the same number if the reason is not valid.

Can I port in more than one line at the same time?

No, you can’t port in more than one line at the same time.

What are the terms and conditions?

You can’t revert to another operator before 4 months of service at the new operator
You must ensure that all your data is complete and correct before making the porting in request.
You can’t port out of WE network before 4 months
Any port in request may be canceled within maximum 24 working hours from the application submission time, and the request cannot be cancelled if line is activated.
No remaining balance, features or services will be transferred to you from the mobile network company you wish to transfer from

Local Normal telegram

Telegram Price “till 40 words”: 20 L.E / Telegram
Telegram Price “more than 40 words”: 20 L.E. + 20 L.E. (for every 40 words).

Decorated paper
It is a decorated paper designed for congratulations, where the telegram will be written on.
Decorated paper price: 5 L.E.

Admin fees (Sending Registration)
Telegram Sender may request to be notified of the recipient’s name & the date and time of the telegram delivery.
Service price: 20L.E.

Admin free (Free Reply)
The recipient can send a reply to the telegram & it is paid by the sender.
Service price: 20L.E.

Occasional templates
This type of telegram is printed on templates according to the subject of the telegram, as there are templates for: wedding – Eid – Hajj – New Born – Success – Getting promoted – Condolences.
Template price: 20L.E.

Extract official copy
It is a request to obtain an official copy with the name of the requestor, the telegram number, date, name of the telegram office, address, and personal data to present it to the official authorities in legal disputes, The copy of the telegram can be delivered upon the request of the prosecution; the original telegram can be only extracted based on an order from the Judge of partial matters

Service price: 50L.E.

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