Details and features of Albilad Digital Card from Saudi Bank Albilad

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Details and features of Albilad Digital Card from Saudi Bank Albilad

The Economy website monitors the details and features of the Albilad digital card from Saudi Bank Albilad.

The digital prepaid card from Bank Albilad provides you the easiest way to shop online. Where you can issue the card online across Albilad Net and use it directly for shopping after feeding it from your current account.

Advantages of Albilad Digital Card

Compliant with the regulations of the Shariah Committee.
Ease of issuing the card instantly through Albilad Net without the need to visit the branch.
Take advantage of Albilad Rewards Program to get travel and tourism rewards, vouchers or even cashback!
Ease of transferring from the current account to the card and vice versa via Albilad Net or Albilad App.

How to issue Albilad Prepaid Digital Card

Please log in to Albilad Net.
Choose “Digital Card” from the list of banking products request.
Choose the type of card and the current account to be linked to the Albilad digital card, then press “Continue”.
Choose the card color that is right for you.
Please read and agree to the terms and conditions, then click on the Confirm button.
Now you can use the card directly with the number that appears on the card on the front and the CVV code on the back.

It is required to have an account with Albilad Bank and to register in Albilad Net.
As well as the availability of card issuance fees in the current account.

Medad cards are issued to plastic cards that enable you to use them in point-of-sale devices, cash withdrawals and electronic payment operations, while the digital card is issued in digital form without the presence of a plastic card and is used only for electronic payments via the Internet.

Annual fee 50 riyals
Fee on foreign currency payments only 2.3%
The objection fee for the process is 50 riyals

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