Steps to get a prepaid Meeza card from the National Bank of Egypt

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Steps to get a prepaid Meeza card from the National Bank of Egypt

The Economy website presents the steps for obtaining a prepaid feature card from the National Bank of Egypt, It is the first national electronic payment card, which is one of the main tools for electronic payment of citizen payments, whether for government agencies or in all other financial transactions locally.


Suitable for your everyday needs:
You can receive and cash out your remittances 24/7 in the local currency without having to visit any of NBE’s branches
Completing contactless transactions for your enhanced safety.
NBE’s “Meeza” prepaid card is the first local card that enables its holders to make governmental payments electronically in a convenient and safe manner.

Meeza card allows for cash withdrawal through NBE’s network of ATMs or the local network 123.

Meeza logo makes the card acceptable with a broad network of merchants having POS machines which enable you to purchase goods and obtain services via the card.

NBE’s Meeza prepaid card

 What is NBE’s Meeza prepaid card?
A: It is the first national e-payment card, considered one of the main e-payment tools used by citizens to make governmental payments or carry out any other local financial transactions.

 How to apply?
A: Through the following procedures:
Visit the nearest NBE branch nationwide;
Complete Meeza prepaid card application, and attach a copy of your valid National ID card or passport indicating your National ID No.; and
Receive the prepaid card and wait for an SMS to activate the card.
“The card is received immediately without a name printed thereon. In case you require a name-printed card, submit the application and the card would be available within the period notified to you.”

 Can the card be used once received?
A: No. You would receive an Activation SMS to replenish and use the card in all financial transactions.

 How can I get the card’s PIN code?
A: You can create your own PIN code (consists of 4 digits) through NBE’s automated teller machines (ATMs) once you receive the Activation SMS on card activation.
For more inquiries, please call Al Ahly Phone at 19623.

ItemMeeza Card
Issuance fees15 EGP (Free untill 31/12/2021)
Annual fees10 EGP
Replacement fees10 EGP
Commission on deposit via NBE’s ATMs/branchesFree of charge
Commission on cash withdrawal via NBE’s ATMs/branchesFree of charge
Commission on cash withdrawal via ATMs of local banks5 EGP (Free until 31/12/2021)
Commission on in-store and online purchases locallyFree of charge
Maximum limit50,000 EGP
Maximum daily purchase limit / Locally50,000 EGP
Maximum daily cash withdrawal limit / Locally30,000 EGP
Maximum monthly limit100,000 EGP
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