Conditions for obtaining a dependency deed 1443, the method of extracting the deed and the required data

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Conditions for obtaining a dependency deed 1443, the method of extracting the deed and the required data

The Economy website lists the conditions for obtaining a deed of support 1443, the method of extracting the deed, and the required data.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia always seeks to provide all possible means of support to all citizens, and therefore it provides a lot of services that help citizens, and because divorced and widowed women may be subjected to a lot of pressure in family cases, the Saudi Ministry of Justice has drawn up a document of the deed of support, through which women obtain this document Prove that this woman has no breadwinner and has all the rights to receive aid and all means of support provided by the Kingdom.

Conditions for obtaining a maintenance deed 1443

There are some conditions set by the Saudi Ministry of Justice for a woman to obtain a maintenance deed document, and the conditions are as follows:

The applicant must be a Saudi national. The applicant must be divorced, provided that her ex-wife does not support her children, or she is a widow.

A married woman is also entitled to obtain a document of a support deed, but in the event that her husband deserts her and her children and does not support her children.

It is required that the woman not be married to another man.

The woman is required to submit all documents that show her financial condition, and that she does not have a source of income to support her children.

The data required to obtain a support deed

is to provide the woman’s full name.

National Identification Number.

Enter the data of the children dependent on the woman.

Determining the kinship relationship between the woman and the persons who are supported by the woman.

Recording of witness statements.

How to obtain a support deed through the Ministry of Justice 1443

In order to be able to obtain a support deed document, you must register through the Ministry of Justice, and the method is: First, log in to the Ministry of Justice electronic portal.

After that, click on the main menu and then choose E-Services.

A group of services will appear before you, click on the Court Services icon.

Then click on the Request Final Circles icon.

Immediately you will be taken to the service page. Click on the service entry icon, then click on the submit a new application icon.

A set of options will appear in front of you, click on the request for support icon. Then record all the required data. Then choose your court.

You will be asked to enter witness details.

The application number will appear in front of you.

Print the application form, to be submitted with the documents.

Then click on the Submit Request icon.

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