The civil status determines the conditions for changing the national ID photo from home and through Absher

yousef21 April 2022Last Update : 2 years ago
The civil status determines the conditions for changing the national ID photo from home and through Absher

There have been recent reports that citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can change and modify their identity card without going to the civil status department. On this matter, the Customer Care Account responded to this matter, and stressed that there are conditions that must be met first in order for the change process to take place through Absher and without review. Civil affairs.

These conditions are that there is a change in the features of the person who applies to change the image, and this is accompanied by a medical report, and this came in response to a citizen’s inquiry about what was circulated about the possibility of changing the image without consulting the competent authorities.

Earlier, the Civil Affairs had provided a similar service, which is the service of changing the name in English through Absher, and the beneficiaries of this amendment were already enabled without the citizen suffering, and he does this from his home or workplace and without going to the Civil Status.

“An electronic copy under the name of the digital identity must be included in the Absher system in cooperation with the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority represented by the National Information Center to facilitate the process of verifying the identity of national holders in the event that they do not hold the card, by enabling the beneficiary to view identity data electronically through the application.” .

Link to inquire about the results of the professional license test for teachers

On Thursday, April 22, 2022 corresponding to Ramadan 21, 1443, the results of measuring the professional license for educational jobs 1443 were announced through the official website of the Education and Training Evaluation Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Currently, the search is increasing through the Google search engine and various social networking sites for how to query the results electronically, which we will learn about in detail in the following lines of this article.

Inquiry about the results of measuring the professional license by the civil registry number

The first step is to go to the official portal of the Training and Education Evaluation Commission
Log in by including your civil registry and password.
Click on the “Results” tab.
Then choose the “Teachers” test type.
At the end, click on the word “View”.
You will get detailed and accurate results of the Professional Teacher Licensing Exam.
You can also see the video below, which shows how to get results easily

Short Link

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