Al-Rajhi Bank brings good news to many citizens to facilitate them

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Al-Rajhi Bank brings good news to many citizens to facilitate them

Al-Rajhi Bank officially announced its participation in the “Right and Duty” initiative, which is responsible for providing community service and promoting social work, in order to facilitate the needy citizens, pointing out that it decided to pay the costs of an entire block within the “God Golden Scheme” worth one million riyals, which It will directly contribute to securing 20 homes for the most needy families.

Al-Rajhi Bank has never hesitated to develop itself to be in the service of its customers, which started its activity in 1957. In 1978 AD, the various institutions bearing the Al-Rajhi name were merged under one umbrella in Al-Rajhi Banking and Trade Company, and in 1988 AD, it was transformed into a Saudi public joint stock company. As the bank is based mainly on the principles of Islamic banking, it plays a major role in bridging the gap between modern banking requirements and the core values ​​of Islamic Sharia, forming industrial and development standards to be exemplified.

Al-Rajhi Bank’s participation in the Jood scheme, which was launched during the last period, comes from its platform, given the many wonderful benefits it provides for the neediest groups, especially with regard to securing housing for the poor and needy registered in Social Security, where 789 units were provided within a short period of time. Residential planners in the presence of the first and golden presence.

It is worth noting that the most famous bank in the Kingdom has provided 40 million riyals to the right-and-duty initiatives during the recent period, from which 222 families benefited in a number of cities and governorates of the Kingdom. The developmental housing sector, and the importance of the private sector’s contribution to supporting government efforts in this field.

Al-Rajhi indicated that he is considered the most important supporter of community programs that support the entire charitable sector in the Kingdom, which is a source of pride for the ancient bank, and also reflects its continuous support for the national campaign for charitable work, emphasizing its pioneering role in charitable work, and its keenness to actively contribute to the social responsibility of Through many national initiatives and projects in support of the charitable sector.

Al Rajhi Bank has more than 60 years of experience in banking and commercial activities. The first branch of a men’s bank was opened in Al-Dirah district in Riyadh in 1957, and the first for women in 1979 in Al-Shmaisi district.

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