Details and features of the diamond account from Albilad Saudi Bank

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Details and features of the diamond account from Albilad Saudi Bank

The Economy website presents the details and features of the Al Tamayuz Diamond Account from Saudi Bank Albilad.

Bank Albilad Al Tamayuz Diamond Account is an account specifically designed to provide a unique banking experience to the elite class of customers. Once you confirm that your account complies with the terms and conditions, your account will be automatically upgraded to the Excellence Diamond account to have the opportunity to benefit from premium banking services, as a specialized relationship manager will serve you through our network of branches within the Kingdom.

The Diamond Excellence account enables you to complete all your banking transactions with the highest priority, complete confidentiality and comprehensive security with the help of a group of the best specialists and relationship managers to be able to manage your wealth in the best possible way, in addition to the Al-Tamayuz Diamond Account from Bank Albilad enables you to obtain the investment services provided through our arm Investment “Financial Country”.

Benefits and Services Package

Here are some of the benefits and services that you will get when upgrading to Bank Albilad Excellence Diamond Account:

Diamond Excellence clients enjoy the presence of a professional Relationship Officer who is proud to serve them at any time.
Obtaining a mada Signature debit card once upgrading.
Get a free Signature Credit Card.
Entry to the VIP lounges in the country’s branches.
50% discount on trading commission “discount applies to broker percentage”.
Special rates on buying and selling foreign currencies.
Special discounts by many stores, restaurants and commercial establishments.
Take advantage of Albilad Rewards Program to get rewards, vouchers and cashback.
Free checkbook issuance.
Free internal and external transfers (Swift transfers).
Free private safe deposit box.

Your checking account is automatically upgraded to Excellence Diamond account once you meet one of the following conditions and criteria:
Transfer your net monthly salary, provided that it is 30,000 riyals or more
Or: An initial deposit in the current account in the amount of 800,000 riyals, or in the Albilad account with monthly returns of 2,400,000 riyals or more
Or: Maintaining an average balance in the current account of 400,000 riyals or for Albilad account with monthly returns of 1,200,000 riyals or more for the last 6 months

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