6 interesting facts about Mars you didn’t know before

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6 interesting facts about Mars you didn’t know before

Many of us know this general information about the planet Mars about that it occupies the fourth place in terms of its distance from the sun, and is considered the second smallest planet in our solar system after Mercury, and many of us may also know that Mars is called the red planet, he got this title because Its color is full red, and all this information is only general and common information among people, but there are some interesting hidden facts about Mars, and the following are some of them.

The area of ​​the red planet

Mars represents 15% of the Earth’s volume and 10% of its mass, but despite that, they are equal in land area, and this is because Earth is covered by 70% of water while Mars is not, and with regard to gravity, it represents 37% of Our gravitational force means that you can jump on Mars at a much higher rate of three times compared to Earth.

Why is it called Mars?

The planet Mars was named after the Roman god of war Mars Ares, as Mars was the god of war in ancient Rome and the fact that Mars was called by that name because of its bright blood red color, and this color people used to see during the reign of the war god Mars.

Mars pieces on the ground

Many years ago, real and small pieces of Mars were found on Earth, and scientists considered them to be tiny amounts of the Martian atmosphere that were found inside meteorites that originated on the surface of Mars, and those meteorites orbited around our solar system for millions of years before entering the atmosphere and crashing on the surface. At that time, a scientific study was made on those small pieces of Mars that were scattered on the planet in the hope of learning more about Mars.

Mission to Mars

Of course, you may have heard about those spaceflights from Earth to Mars, as it all began in 1960 with Marsnik 1 of the Russian Soviet Union, when 39 landers, rover and orbiter were prepared to start visits to Mars, and from Of all those missions, only 16 succeeded.

red planet

It was believed that Mars contains a lot of smart discoveries because of the lines and grooves that were discovered decades ago on the surface of the planet, as these lines called “Canali” were first observed by an Italian astronomer called Giovanni Schiaparelli, but unfortunately with the progress and development of astronomy Those lines and grooves have been proven to be just another optical illusion.

Mars hosts life

Although our planet is the only one that hosts life, Mars can also host life because of the suitability of the planet with the solar system, and for this reason, we find that there are a lot of space flights heading to the red planet, and there are many flights that are planned to be implemented during the coming decades, It is expected that such trips will help to learn more about the planet Mars, especially whether Mars is suitable for hosting life on it in the future.

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