What is the new Egyptian plastic coin?

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What is the new Egyptian plastic coin?

Polymer is a thin and flexible plastic. Polymer banknotes have improved security features, making them much more difficult to counterfeit than traditional banknotes.

They are also considered environmentally friendly because of their long life expectancy, and they are cleaner because their smooth surface is resistant to dirt and moisture.

The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt for the cash printing house sector said that it has a long shelf life, which reaches about 4 years, which represents 2.5 times the lifespan of traditional paper currency made of cotton.

Why will Egypt issue the new plastic currency?

According to the description of some Egyptian experts that the new plastic coins are more acceptable, and keep pace with the development taking place in the field of raising currency insurance from counterfeiting.

International practices, due to its beautiful design, and the provision of elements that protect the currency from the risks of counterfeiting.

When will the first copy of the plastic currency be issued?

The Central Bank of Egypt is preparing to issue new banknotes (plastic currency) in the denomination of 10 pounds at the beginning of next November, and they are now in the final stages of preparations for printing a denomination of 10 pounds, as for all other paper currencies, it will be implemented in parallel with The start of issuing the new plastic coin.

It is said that the design of the new Egyptian plastic coins was co-designed by a global design house, in cooperation with the Central Bank, noting that the Global Design House has contributed to designing 90% of the currencies of countries around the world.

The denominations of 10 and 20 pounds have not yet been finally approved, but they are still in the stage of development and modification.

The Central Bank also said, “The colors used on one of the circulating currency models are not part of the currency design, and do not appear on it in nature, but it is a modern watermark recognized globally as one of the latest technologies for securing printed currencies, and that when the new currency is moved in sunlight, it appears only One or two of the colors included in the watermark make it difficult to counterfeit.

Features of the new plastic coins

The Central Bank confirmed that plastic currencies have many advantages compared to paper currencies, which are:

Longevity. Durability.

It is made of environmentally friendly materials.

recyclable. Resistant to moisture, water and microbes.

It has the highest security standards used to print money in the world.

Provide it with a watermark that is impossible to falsify.

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