Warranty Calculator Developer Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia

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Warranty Calculator Developer Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia

Many Saudi citizens are looking for the developed human resources security calculator, as the new developed social security calculator is considered one of the vital things that all users of the developed social security program are looking for to determine the value due in the event of acceptance in the program, following the announcement of the launch of the security system The developer will officially start announcing eligibility results for applicants with completed applications who meet the new eligibility conditions announced by the program.

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The Ministry has clarified the method of calculating the new social security without making a calculator available on its digital website, as is the case in the Saudi Citizen Account Program. Calculation of the pension to be obtained if the decision of acceptance and qualification is issued following the completion of the method of registration in social security through the electronic social protection and support platform.

The Ministry has stressed the closure of the previous platform for social security, after all social security services have moved to the new platform. As for new applicants, there is no end to their registration in the Social Security Beneficiary Support Program. The platform continues to receive requests for new social security registration for them around the clock without any delay. Set a specific date for closing registration requests.

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First, the pension can be calculated by summing up the total income earned for all family members residing in the same house, which is the monthly income, whether from a public or private sector salary or a return from a commercial activity or a private project, then deducting 50% of this total income.
Secondly, in the event of obtaining unearned income from an incentive, student rewards, a rural support system, or others, the entire unearned income from government support is added to 50% of the earned income, and persons with disabilities and support programs are excluded from the calculation.
Third, the total imputed income of fifty percent of the earned + unearned income can be compared with the minimum or limiting social security limit determined according to the number of family members residing in the same house.

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