The most important foods for diabetics

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The most important foods for diabetics

The best foods for diabetics are often unprocessed foods such as fruits and vegetables; The introduction of these foods into the diet of a diabetic helps to meet his special nutritional needs, and also contributes to reducing the risk of developing complications of diabetes such as heart disease.

This does not mean that the patient only eats vegetables and fruits; Rather, he should make it the basis of his diet, with the addition of other types of foods. One of the most important foods that all people in general and diabetics in particular should avoid are processed foods, which are full of sugars, and very harmful artificial dyes.

The most important foods for diabetics

Grains are the best type of cereal for diabetics. Bread made from whole grain flour, such as whole wheat flour. Whole grain rice. Breakfast cereals made from whole grains and without sugar. Corn and popcorn. beans;

The worst kind of pills

White flour.

White rice of all kinds.

white bread.

Foods prepared with white flour.

Breakfast cereals full of sugars and dyes.

vegetables and fruits

The best fruits and vegetables for diabetics are fresh vegetables, eaten raw, boiled, or grilled. Frozen vegetables, to which no preservatives have been added. Green vegetables, such as: lettuce, spinach, watercress, and leafy green vegetables. Fresh fruits and juice prepared from natural fruits. Jam prepared without adding any type of sugar to it. Frozen fruits, which have no preservatives.

The worst kind of fruit and vegetables

canned food; It contains a lot of sodium and preservatives. Pickles of all kinds. Cooked vegetables with toppings such as butter, cheese, or sauces high in sodium. Candies, jelly, and jam prepared with sugar. Sweetened fruit juice.

Meat, poultry and their products

This list includes beef, chicken, fish, turkey, seafood, dairy and animal products.

The best choices are grilled, boiled, and baked meats with very little fat.

Turkey bacon. chicken breast.

Grilled and steamed fish.


Skimmed milk. Low-fat cheeses.


worst choices

Fried and fatty meats.

Fatty cheeses.

Eat chicken skin.

Whole milk.

Ice cream.


Oils and snacks

The best choices are foods that are fat-free, or prepared with a little oil. Puffed rice chips.

Light salad dressings.

Popcorn prepared with a small amount of oil.

worst choices

Meals prepared with a large amount of butter and artificial sweeteners.

Ordinary mayonnaise.

Popcorn prepared with butter and oil.

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