The date of disbursing housing support for the month of August and the documents required for registration

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The date of disbursing housing support for the month of August and the documents required for registration

The Ministry of Housing of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced the necessary conditions for obtaining housing support, and the support is provided by the ministry with the aim of helping a group of citizens and providing a helping hand to them, and many beneficiaries are looking for the date of disbursing the support for August 2022, which is expected to be paid In the accounts of the beneficiaries within days.

Housing support disbursement date

Many Saudi citizens are constantly searching for the date of disbursing the special support for this month, and the disbursement is scheduled to take place at the end of the month, specifically during the twenty-fourth day of each Gregorian month, and sometimes this date is postponed by a day or two, in the event of an official holiday, Housing support is allocated to individuals who wish to obtain suitable housing, according to conditions specified by the Ministry.

Conditions for obtaining housing support

The applicant for support must be a Saudi national, of Saudi origin, and permanently reside in the Kingdom.
The applicant should not have owned any of the residences, or had any private real estate during the last five years.
The age of the applicant must not be more than twenty-five years, and widowed and divorced women are excluded from this condition, but the death of the husband or divorce must be within the last two years.
These conditions shall continue from the beginning of the registration until it is approved.

Documents required to obtain housing support
The Ministry stressed the obligation to submit some papers and documents to complete the application. These documents are as follows:

Certificate showing the citizen’s salary.
Family record of the applicant.
In the event that the applicant is a widow or divorced, she must provide evidence that she is in an unfit for her and her children, in addition to proving that she is supporting her children.

Housing support is among the most important support programs in the Kingdom, and this program has been launched since 2017, as it provides financial support to the most needy families, and this support is provided by the Real Estate Development Fund, which in turn provides ready-made or under-finished housing units. To the beneficiaries, in addition to providing plots of land eligible for construction.

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