Terms of use of the National Bank of Kuwait Rewards Program

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Terms of use of the National Bank of Kuwait Rewards Program

The Economy website presents the terms of use of the National Bank of Kuwait Rewards Program.

NBK Rewards Points will expire if they are not redeemed within two years from the date they were earned

Expired points will not be refunded

The service of renewing/reprinting NBK rewards vouchers has been cancelled, and you can now benefit from the instant redemption service for points directly at the participating stores
Expired NBK Rewards Vouchers cannot be used
NBK Rewards Points cannot be earned during sales periods at participating stores. This applies to non-discounted items during the official store download period
The card holder is not entitled to collect or use the points that have been collected due to the use of the card for purposes other than personal purchases, unless the bank decides otherwise in any of its special offers

In the event of the repeated use of the same points by any means, the bank has the right to deduct the value of the frequently used points from any amounts available in any of the cardholder’s accounts with the bank, or debit this value to the debit side of any of those accounts
The points due to the customer according to the NBK Rewards Program may appear on the POS machines at the participating outlets in the program
Customers who are late in paying credit card dues are excluded from the instant redemption of points service until they pay the amount due from them.
NBK Rewards Points are not refundable or refundable if used

Interpretations of the Program Terms and Conditions belong to NBK without limitation or condition, and neither the Program nor any of its features shall constitute the basis or evidence of any legal or contractual rights of Members towards NBK.

Missing points can be claimed up to a maximum of 3 months from the date of the purchase or these points will not be credited to your account
Points are earned according to the discount percentage offered in addition to the minimum spend amount (if any).

All promotions are offered by third parties without any liability on the part of National Bank of Kuwait K.S.C.P or any of its employees.

NBK Rewards Points cannot be obtained with any other discount or offer
Earning and redeeming NBK Rewards Points is not applicable to online purchases
Points collected inaccurately during the sales periods at participating stores in the NBK Rewards Program will be redeemed

With the service of redeeming points at POS machines, NBK credit card holders can directly redeem NBK Rewards points at POS machines (such as: a store or a restaurant) when paying for their purchases at participating stores in the NBK Rewards Program, which means that they can use the points NBK Rewards immediately to pay the value of their purchases.

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