Spain’s Agrolev is looking to buy 3,000 acres to set up an olive farm in Egypt

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Spain’s Agrolev is looking to buy 3,000 acres to set up an olive farm in Egypt

The Spanish company Agrolev for Agricultural Investment is looking to buy 3,000 feddans in Egypt to set up an olive farm.

Today, Wednesday, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Mr. El Kassir, received Francisco Escalante, President of Agrolev Company, to discuss investment opportunities in the agricultural and food sector.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Agriculture said that the meeting dealt with investment in the field of olive production and processing, as the company wants to purchase 3,000 acres to establish a farm for olive trees of various kinds and to establish a factory for the manufacture, packaging and marketing of olive oil in different countries of the world.

According to the statement, the Spanish company markets its products in 90 countries around the world.

Agrolev has been working in Egypt for ten years and marketing its products to major international markets. The company also serves as a platform for marketing some other products in the countries in which it operates besides olive oil products.

During the meeting, Al-Qusayr said that Egypt is the largest country in the world in the production of table olives, and that there are mandates from President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to take care of the olive crop and industrialization, and to exploit Egypt’s capabilities in this field to create an added value that provides job opportunities and supports the national economy.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation estimated the area cultivated with wheat during the current year at about 3.5 million feddans, compared to 3.418 million feddans last season, an increase of 82 thousand feddans.

The Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement issued by the media center of the Council of Ministers today, Monday, that the area cultivated with wheat can be increased this year, given that some areas are planted late.

According to the center’s statement, news spread on some websites and social media pages about the decline in the area cultivated with wheat during the current year.

The center contacted the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, which denied the news and confirmed that there is no truth to the decrease in the area cultivated with wheat during the current year.

The Ministry of Agriculture indicated that the state is seeking to increase the cultivated areas of wheat and to develop new varieties that consume less water and are higher in productivity, with the aim of reducing the gap between production and consumption of this strategic crop.

According to the ministry, a number of modern technological methods and means are used for the first time to educate wheat farmers, to follow the peaceful technical recommendations, and good practices in agriculture, to ensure that those recommendations prepared by the Field Crops Research Institute, as well as the guidance bulletins prepared by the Central Administration of Agricultural Extension, and the Administration General of agricultural culture, to the largest possible number of farmers.

She said that there is continuous and permanent communication with farmers at the level of all governorates of the republic, to listen to the problems they face, overcome obstacles for them, and work to solve them in a timely manner. And laser leveling operations and cultivation on terraces.

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