Memory strengthening exercises

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Memory strengthening exercises

Exercises that rely on brain activation are one of the best ways to strengthen memory, as they work to connect new nerve connections in the brain and protect other connections from atrophy. The mind consists of a group of neurons, and each of these cells is responsible for showing abilities in a specific field, You may sometimes become lethargic and weaken over time, and one of the results of neuronal inactivity is memory impairment, with frequent forgetfulness, in addition to the inability to assimilate and understand information, hence the importance of training neurons to increase their ability to understand, comprehend and remember.

Memory strengthening exercises

Arithmetic and math exercises

It is one of the most effective exercises in strengthening memory, as it works to strengthen and improve neurons, and performing some operations of multiplication, division, subtraction and addition, and using two arithmetic operations in the same equation activates these cells.

Read topics and books

In order to increase the levels of concentration and the ability to remember, it is possible to read the words from left to right when reading in Arabic, or read the book from the last page to reach its beginning.


It is considered one of the very important mental exercises in strengthening memory, which works to strengthen neurons, and this is done by solving crossword puzzles daily, in addition to the fact that crossword puzzles also help to increase practical thinking in a more effective way.

Note the colors

It is possible to do the selection of a certain color, and try to notice it everywhere on the go, and keep doing it over and over again, and at the end of the training work to remember the things seen during the process of moving.

Names remembering game

When getting to know new people, it is preferable to associate the person’s name with a specific act, or something in the person’s appearance, to help remember the name later.

Save states and capitals

It is possible to use the Internet, or the atlas, to save as much of the names of countries and their capitals as possible, and to increase the fun, it is recommended to choose a friend, or a family member to compete with him.

Memory booster tips

Regular and periodic intake of fatty acids, such as: omega-3 found in different types of fish or raw nuts. Doing exercises that stimulate blood circulation, such as running or bodybuilding. Eat foods rich in vitamin B. Reducing sleeplessness, and making sure to sleep early on a regular basis. Drink plenty of water daily.

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