Learn about the details of the Real Estate Owners Program from Saudi Riyad Bank

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Learn about the details of the Real Estate Owners Program from Saudi Riyad Bank

The Economy website displays the details of the property owners program from Saudi Riyad Bank.

Obtaining sufficient liquidity with a competitive profit margin against mortgaging the property you own.

Sharia compliant
Competitive profit margin
Flexible Payment Plans
credit advisor
Send the authorized resident on the same day
Possibility of disbursing the finance amount before depositing the salary

Terms of the property owners program

Available for Saudis only
Minimum salary 5,000 SAR
Available for workers in government, semi-government, private sector and banks
Salary must be transferred, with the exception of employees of the banking sector

Owners of the completed property:
The fully built property owners program is designed for clients who wish to obtain large amounts of cash in exchange for transferring the property to Riyad Bank and then re-owning it through easy monthly installments.

Owners of unfinished property:
Financing for landlords of incomplete construction from Riyad Bank provides you with financing solutions tailored to suit your needs and provide cash to complete construction work without bothering to think, thus providing you with payment of internal and external construction costs in the form of easy installments.

Advantages and benefits of real estate financing:
Sharia compliant
Financing amount up to 5 million riyals
The possibility of obtaining more than one financing at the same time, according to the solvency
Possibility of early repayment
Cooperative insurance against all risks
Exemption in the event of death or total disability, God forbid, and assignment of the property directly to the heirs according to the insurance coverage criteria
The possibility of calculating the amount of financing up to the age of 77 years for the government and private sector, and the age of 75 years for the military sector

How to submit your application

All you have to do is visit any Riyad Bank branch and prepare the following documents:

A valid copy of the national identity card
Fill out the mortgage application form
Fill out the customer acknowledgment form
Fill out the health declaration form
Salary identification certificate stating the date of commencement of work in the position
bank statement
Deposit evaluation fee

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