Is there a way to gain weight in a week?

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Is there a way to gain weight in a week?

The easiest way to gain weight

The easiest way to gain weight is to increase the total number of daily calories consumed between 300 to 1,000 calories per day, in order to obtain an increase ranging between 0.5 to 1 kilogram per week.

Below are some methods that can be followed to obtain the amount of calories. Excess in the easiest way:
Consuming foods rich in protein, such as; Meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, legumes, nuts, etc. Choose foods rich in carbohydrates and healthy fats, due to their high calorie content.
Use some types of healthy sauces rich in calories.
Eat an extra snack daily.
Focus on consuming high-calorie drinks as snacks instead of foods, such as; Juices, smoothies, and protein shakes.

Consumption of foods rich in protein

First when eating the meal and keep the vegetables until the end. Limit consumption of foods rich in sugars, such as; Ice cream, soft drinks, etc. Foods for weight gain There are many types of foods whose consumption can contribute to weight gain, due to their high calorie content, and the most prominent of these foods are the following:
Milk: Milk is a drink rich in calories and nutrients, especially protein, which contributes to building muscle and increasing body mass.
Rice: It is a food rich in carbohydrates, which can contribute to weight gain, as one cup of it contains approximately 200 calories, and it can be served with a protein source and some vegetables.
Nuts and their butter: They are rich sources of healthy fats, which makes them suitable for a weight gain diet. They are also easy to add to the diet to increase their calorie content.
Dried fruits: They are a rich source of calories and nutrients, as a quarter cup of dried cranberries contains approximately 130 calories, and dried fruits are easy to add to the diet.
Avocado: It is a fruit rich in calories and healthy fats, which can contribute to weight gain.
Yogurt: It is recommended to consume full-fat yogurt due to its rich protein and calorie content, which contributes to increasing the total calories consumed. A few fruits and nuts can be added to it to increase its nutritional value, but it is recommended to avoid flavored types.

General tips for gaining weight

There are some general tips that can help increase the likelihood of weight gain, the most prominent of which are the following:

Avoid drinking water or liquids before eating meals; This is due to the possibility that this may lead to poor appetite and increase the possibility of feeling full faster.
Use larger plates to serve food; This is to increase the amount of food served, which can contribute to increasing the amount consumed.
Doing exercise, especially strength training; This is to increase the rate of growth of muscle mass, which contributes to weight gain.
Get enough sleep because it plays a role in promoting muscle growth.

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