How to update Jadara data and apply for jobs 1444

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How to update Jadara data and apply for jobs 1444

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia indicated the need to update Jadara data, which led to an increase in searches in the Google search engine for a way to update Jadara data, due to its importance in accessing many jobs that suit different qualifications, and the ministry aims to comply with Official documents by registering personal data in the CV, so we present in this article the most important details on this topic.

How to update the data

A Saudi citizen who is able to register in Jaderah can easily update his personal data by following the following steps:

Visit the link to the official website of Jadara, which is currently called Masar.
Press to log in through the unified national access.
Write the applicant’s ID number, and you can register by entering your username and password.
Enter the confirmation code that was sent to the mobile phone.
Click Continue after completing these steps.
Go to the side menu and click on the icon for the option to update data.
Writing and transcribing personal data and attaching it to the required documents that prove the validity of such data.
Click on Save Data, after verifying that it is correct.

Applying for merit positions

The Human Resources Department is making every effort to try to provide its service to graduates looking for jobs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so we present the steps that must be followed to apply for those jobs:

Visit the link for the Jadara platform.
Click on New Registration and enter the required personal data (date of birth, gender, national identity).
Look at government advertisements and choose what is appropriate to apply to.
Go to the application page, write the data according to what is in the official records, attach the application to the documents if requested, and click on “Send the application.”

eligibility login

Citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are not able to update Jadara data before making a login, and this process is done through the following:

Choose to enter by accessing the state.
Enter the data registration page and complete the data by entering the resident’s number. It is also possible to register with the user name and password.
Write the data in the account of the Absher platform.
Enter the confirmation code that was sent to the phone, and press the Continue button.

Conditions for applying and accepting jobs in merit 1444

Some conditions must be met in order for an applicant to obtain jobs, which are as follows:

The applicant must have a bachelor’s degree in one of the available jobs and specializations.

Availability and approval of all terms and conditions.

Equivalency of the certificate inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia if the applicant obtained the certificate from outside Saudi Arabia.

Availability of all documents and papers required for submission.

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