How to save your money

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How to save your money

A person has to know the places where money is spent each month without tracking every penny spent during the day, and this can be achieved by determining the amounts spent on housing, utilities, groceries, debts, entertainment, etc., and then trying to find places that can be reduced Expenditures are determined and the amount, and this method is effective to control spending.


A person must specify a certain amount of money to save, and a good way to do so is to deal with savings in a similar way to dealing with any obligatory bill that must be paid at the beginning of the month; Instead of spending on everything, and waiting for the end of the month to see the little amount left, which may not be enough to save, the amount of savings should be deducted starting from the salary, and dealing with saving as a binding matter, and then disposing of the remaining amount.

savings accounts

It is possible to search for banks that offer free savings accounts, and open several accounts, so that each account is allocated to provide a specific thing different from the other, and every time money is obtained, it can be distributed to these accounts, and in this way the money will be kept in a safe place from spending to resort to it when needed.

Other ways to save

Other ways to save are:

Friends: This is by turning to a friend who also wants to save money, listening to his advice on saving, visiting inexpensive places, and borrowing some things from each other instead of buying new things.

Clothes: Clothes can be bought from shops at the end of the season to pay less, in addition to resorting to shops that offer commercial offers.

Food: You can keep a pen and paper while working in the kitchen, and prepare a shopping list during the week that includes the things to buy, and then take this list when you go to the grocery and buy only what is included in it.

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