How to overcome the fear of driving a car?

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How to overcome the fear of driving a car?

The Economy website shows how to overcome the fear of driving a car.

It is recommended to accompany another person when you feel nervous while driving, especially in the early periods of obtaining a driver’s licence. Taking short trips, it is recommended to accompany an escort on the trip, and over time the person gets used to driving, and becomes able to get rid of his fears and control them, and thus drive without the need for the presence of another person.

Practicing relaxation techniques

The fear complex of driving a car can be overcome by practicing some exercises or techniques that help relax, as follows: Breathe deeply, by slowly inhaling the air through the nose, focusing on delivering it to the bottom of the lungs until the abdomen expands, and holding the breath for a moment, Then slowly take it out too. Gradually relax the muscles by grasping and extending the limbs, until the person is able to overcome tension and get rid of it, and these exercises help control mood, increase focus, and reduce panic attacks.

Providing a calm atmosphere in the car, increasing the sense of safety, adopting a comfortable sitting position inside the car, wearing appropriate clothes, and making sure that the required periodic maintenance of the car is carried out, because a calm and comfortable environment helps to keep away from tension and panic, as people skilled in driving also feel nervous when there is noise source.

Not refraining from driving

The decision to refrain from driving is the worst thing a person who is afraid of driving can do, as this fear must be confronted gradually, which may seem difficult at first, but with continuity and doubling the effort, the level will improve little by little, so it is necessary to take an approach to do some simple challenges in The beginning is until the negative thoughts and feelings associated with the driving process are eliminated

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