How do I study the Arabic language?

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How do I study the Arabic language?

In terms of study, the Arabic language exceeds the importance of other subjects; Because it is the daily means of communication between its speakers, and business in Arab countries and perhaps others for Arabs requires mastery of the rules of the language, and its various skills to perform written works, translation and others, all this in addition to the importance of that language in developing the culture and awareness of the speaker; Because it is the first reading language, however, most students are preoccupied with studying other subjects at the expense of Arabic, which makes them difficult to acquire before the exams stage.

How to study the Arabic language

The subjects of the Arabic language are generally divided into reading, texts, grammatical rules and rhetoric, and you as a student must surround these sections well in addition to creative writing and dictation, because they are very important in any Arabic language test, and the following is the best way to study each of those sections :


Reading or reading lessons: The main goal of them is to train you to use words, use meanings and opposites in sentences with their correct connotations, as well as link these lessons with the construction question in the exam, by identifying the methods of questioning, ordering, exclamation and others, and you can study the reading lessons by reading the lesson carefully and then Divide it into main parts, according to the titles or ideas presented in the lesson, taking care to write down difficult words and their meanings and try to use them in construction sentences.


Memorizing texts makes it easier for you to many of the questions that appear in this section. You have to start by reading the literary text, which is mostly a poem, and understand the topic well and the rhetorical images used through the explanation attached to the text, and then you have to memorize by reading aloud with repetition, and writing the memorized verses. By heart, do not forget to write down the meanings of difficult vocabulary for later review.

Grammar and Rhetoric

The questions of that section are always practical, so memorizing the rule is not enough to pass the exam, but you must solve a lot of exercises and questions, especially from previous years exams, in addition to training in the articulation of texts in the textbook, and for rhetoric it is linked to the texts section, and it is preferable that She is looking for external texts to train on her rhetorical strengths.


Although composition and spelling rules are not often among the lessons contained in textbooks, the exam contains a question dedicated to writing a structural topic, through which the student’s comprehension of the previous sections is recognized, and his ability to use the language skills he studied throughout the semester or year. Therefore, you have to practice writing, even once a week, by answering the questions of previous years, and finding support from the teacher at the school, or a relative who is well-versed in the grammar of the Arabic language.

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