How can dreams be interpreted?

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How can dreams be interpreted?

Dreams may reflect a person’s life, as they often provide him with information and advice on matters related to his life, health, emotional life, or professional life. To ask his dreams about the answers to some questions, so dreams give him the answers directly, or through symbols and indications that need interpretation, but it is good to note that this does not apply to all dreams, sometimes dreams are just fantasies of human thinking, they may not have meaning of.

Interpretation of dreams in psychology

Some people do not care about their dreams, they see them as just meaningless fantasies, while other people see them as honest guidance and important significance for their lives. From the point of view of psychology, dreams can be interpreted by following the following steps:

Dream writing: a person often dreams and then wakes up and forgets what he dreamed of, so he remains confused trying to remember what he saw in his dream, so a special notebook can be placed to write and write down dreams next to the bed; To write down dreams in it immediately upon waking up from sleep and before forgetting the dream. Dreams reflect the state of the person; As it is usually a translation of events and scenes that happened with the same person in the previous two days.

Identify and translate key symbols: The things we see in dreams symbolize universally known meanings, for example: animals symbolize habits, water symbolize life, a baby symbolizes new ideas, clothes symbolize external expressions and so on. Knowing the meaning of the dream and preaching: by defining the desired message from the dream, linking it to the person’s life and how it relates to it, learning from that message and taking the advice seriously; For example, if the dream is about a chase, then the message is that there is fear in that person, and therefore he will know that he has to overcome this fear. Observing dreams after taking the meaning of the previous dream: After interpreting the dream and taking its meanings, the person watches his upcoming dreams to provide him with more instructions or evidence that what he is doing is correct or vice versa.

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